About Us

We’ve come a long way since we started running day trips to France! It’s been quite a journey; with fantastic customers enjoying memorable holidays along the way.

Back in 1998, when we ran a few day-trips for adults attending day centres the need for longer, supported holidays quickly became apparent. So we set about offering a limited range of holidays designed to deliver supported breaks in such a way that the holiday was always the focus - not the support. Since then we’ve grown to become an established and experienced provider of supported holidays but are proud to have done so whilst remaining true to our support principles. After all, it's your holiday so you should be able to enjoy it without your time being constrained or determined by your support needs.

Our Courier Team

All Breakaway supported Holidays are delivered by experienced holiday couriers who are trained to support you, but most importantly enjoy doing so. It takes hard work, commitment and a special gift for working with our customers to become a successful member of our courier team. They also need a cracking sense of humour, moderate karaoke skills and a willingness to do whatever’s needed to give our customers a fabulous holiday. The fact that customers come back year after year because they have such a good time, is testimony to skill and ability of the couriers. The team is provided by HELP Personal Assistant Services (CQC Reg RGP1-1427874143) who ensure our high standards are met at all times.

Our Office Team

Our holidays require a lot of research, planning and administration. This all falls to our office team who work hard to make sure our customers and couriers have everything they need for the holiday to run smoothly. From taking bookings to sending out your souvenir photographs after your holiday, they are there at every step of the way. Just like our couriers, they need a cracking sense of humour and a willingness to do whatever’s needed to give our customers a fabulous holiday. Fortunately for them the karaoke skills are optional!

Our Vehicles

The ability to provide appropriate, comfortable and safe travel is critical and so we run a fleet of vehicles chosen for just those reasons. Whether your holiday transport is by minibus or people carrier you can be assured that our fleet is well maintained and fit-for-purpose.

Financial Security

Breakaway Holidays & Weekends Ltd operates a deposit protection scheme which secures your deposit should the company be unable to trade. This insurance is not travel insurance or an equivalent policy and we recommend that you take out adequate cover.