Medication must be in clearly labelled holiday blister packs or dossette boxes where dosages are pre-measured with the correct combination and quantity of medication in each compartment. Your pharmacist can provide your medication in this format and most pharmacies offer this as a free service. We DO NOT accept medication in any other format including packets, bottles (unless liquids) or for periods exceeding the holiday duration. For holidays abroad please bring enough medication for one extra day in case of unforeseen travel delays. Please ensure that medication shows your name, the name of the medication, the condition to which the medication relates and the daily dosages with times and instructions. If you require us to hold your medications please state this clearly on the booking form.

Insulin - Please advise us if you need to travel with insulin so that we can store it appropriately. If you need assistance with insulin we will support you in selecting the right dosage and in self-administration.

Laxatives - Please be aware that the change in diet on a holiday may result in needing more or less of a prescribed laxative than usual. We will refer to the primary care provider if a problem occurs.

Help and Advice - If you have any questions relating to your medical and daily support needs whilst on holiday please call our office before you book and travel. We are happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to put the right support in place, either from our courier team or from health professionals.

Terms and Conditions
Couriers will help and assist with medication, but cannot administer prescription drugs or insulin by injection. We reserve the right to refuse travel where medications needs have not been fully disclosed on our booking form and in this circumstance you waive all and any right to refund of monies paid. Any cost incurred through non-disclosure of medication needs will be charged to the customer. If you use special equipment, for example a catheter, or require assistance with stoma care, you must tell us before you book as we will be unable to assist without prior knowledge.


Support Profiles

We ask all customers to complete a support profile detailing their full and exact support needs with daily, living, medication, medical and other conditions, mobility, communication, continence and dietary requirements. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate up-to-date information for each holiday you book. As our customers’ needs change over time we do not usually “carry-over” support profiles from one holiday to the next so you may be required to complete a profile for each holiday you book. We take no responsibility for costs and consequences arising from any undisclosed support requirements.

Full Disclosure and Your Responsibilities

Please contact us to discuss your support requirements to ensure we deliver the appropriate accommodation and support for your needs. It is essential that we are made fully aware of your support needs as failing to do so results in understaffing and restricts the activities you can take part in. We reserve the right to refuse travel and to curtail trips if support needs have not been fully disclosed on your booking forms and support profile. The full costs of curtailment in these circumstances will be charged to the customer.