Support is at the heart of what we do; and it’s why you’re travelling with Breakaway and not a standard holiday company.

Since we started the business we’ve been determined that the support we offer is there when you need it but never the focus of your holiday. Our aim is to enable – promoting independence and encouraging choice.

Our trained courier team are committed to this, and will support and guide you throughout your holiday.

Our support policy

We can’t stress enough the importance of disclosing to us your full support needs when you book your holiday so we can accommodate your individual requirements.

The base price of your holiday includes 24-hour support for basic needs such as help with water temperatures for baths and showers, assistance with hair washing and shaving, dressing, sorting (but not laundering) clothing, safekeeping of money and prompting and assisting with medication. (Your attention is drawn to the important notice at the foot of this page). 

Personalised support

We ask all customers to complete a support profile detailing the full and exact support they require for daily, living, medication, medical and other conditions, mobility, communication and dietary requirements. It is your responsibility to provide us with accurate up-to-date information for each holiday you book. As our customers’ needs change over time we do not “carry over” support profiles from one holiday to the next so you may be required to complete a profile for each holiday you book. We take no responsibility for costs and consequences arising from any undisclosed support requirements.

It is essential that we are made fully aware of your support needs as failing to do so may result in understaffing and so restrict the activities in which you are able to take part. We reserve the right to refuse travel where support needs have not been fully disclosed on our Customer Support Profile and in this circumstance you waive all and any right to a refund of monies paid. All costs incurred as a result of laundering soiled and/or wet clothing and linen will be invoiced at the end of the holiday. Basic support does not include provision for waking nights. We do not offer clinical or medical support as part of our standard support package.


Medication must be in clearly labelled holiday blister packs or dossette boxes with the correct combination and quantity of medication in each compartment. One pack containing all medication is required for each week, to be started on the first day of the holiday. Most pharmacists will provide medication in this format as a free service.

We DO NOT accept medication in any other format including packets, bottles (unless liquids) or for periods exceeding the holiday duration. For holidays abroad bring enough medication for one extra day in case of unforeseen travel delays.

Medication must be labelled with customers’ name, the name of the medication, the condition to which the medication relates and the daily dosages with times and instructions.

Creams and drops must clearly state the dosage, when and where to apply and the expiration date.

Couriers are trained in prompting and assisting with medication provided and cannot be held responsible for errors arising from medication supplied in other formats.


If your safety may be compromised by wandering away from the group, please disclose this on your Customer Support Profile so that we can put appropriate measures and staffing in place. It is very important to tell us if you may sleep walk or wander at night.

Medical Support

Please ensure we are notified if you have the following conditions so we can provide appropriate support: epilepsy, diabetes, asthma, heart and respiratory conditions. In the event of a medical emergency we will access services available locally.

Challenging Behaviour

Customers who display challenging behaviour should make us aware of their individual communication needs to ensure we can respond appropriately in all situations whilst on holiday. All current risk assessments must be shared. Please note that our holidays are not suitable for people who display physically challenging or threatening behaviour.


Making friends and being part of a group is an important part of the holiday. If you have difficulties taking part in group activities, are uncomfortable in noisy or busy social groups, or present challenging behaviour in group situations, please advise us so we can offer you appropriate support.

Complex Needs

Some holidays are unsuitable for customers with complex needs. However we have vehicles and accommodation which are suitable if you have a combination of physical and learning disabilities and are always happy to discuss your individual requirements.

Physicality & mobility

Please disclose at the time of booking, and on your Customer Support Profile if you require reinforced sleeping or seating equipment or you require additional seating space on vehicles and any other mode of transportation in order to accommodate your physical size. Some holidays are suitable for customers with reduced mobility – please enquire when booking. Please advise if you require mobility aides and if you will bring your own on the holiday.


If you have any problems with continence please advise us at the time of booking. Please bring your own continence products, ensuring that you bring enough to last for the duration of your holiday including those days spent travelling to and from your destination.


We reserve the right to refuse travel and to curtail trips if your needs have not been fully disclosed prior to departure. The full costs of curtailment in these circumstances will be charged to the customer. All costs incurred as a result of laundering soiled and/or wet clothing and linen, and for cleaning of furniture and vehicle seats from undisclosed continence issues will be invoiced at the end of the holiday.

Costs incurred through non-disclosure of support needs or failure to supply all required medication and personal hygiene products will be invoiced at the end of the holiday.

All supplements are payable in advance. 


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